WHY USE Autos By Price?

We live in a changing, reshaping and freshly emerging world. It used to be that when You made the decision to sell Your Car, Boat, RV, or any other vehicle, You had two choices: (1) sell it to a dealer, which can be convenient but often results in a price that is 15-25% less than the private party value; or (2) take on the time consuming challenge of selling it on Your own. Autos By Price offers a third option – a service that helps Sellers get more money for their cars without the traditional hassles and risk of transacting in the private market.

Autos By Price services are designed for our changing times. We serve online and off-line customers with time-saving convenience, money-saving products, and valuable assistance accessing the massive e-commerce marketplace.


Avoid answering phone calls at all hours.
Avoid having to find time in Your busy schedule to show the Item.
Avoid strangers breaching Your privacy by visiting Your home.
Avoid diminishing the enjoyment of Your time off work, weekends and holidays because of having to wait near the phone for prospects to call. Avoid wasting your valuable time waiting on the for the prospect to call.
Avoid the inconvenience and frustration of rearranging Your schedule for prospects who say they are "coming right over," and eventually never show up.
Avoid having "tire kickers" and unqualified people (those without the means to purchase Your Item) come to Your house for no other reason than to "see what it's like" to drive a BMW, Porsche, Infiniti, or Lexus, etc.
Avoid having to leave Your valued possession on the side of a highway, or in a store parking lot with a "For Sale" sign on Your windshield, only to experience the inconvenience and expense of having Your car ticketed and towed for illegal parking.
Avoid the hassle of expensive classified ads.

Autos By Price FOR BUYERS:


At Autos By Price, You buy from the owner and we handle the sale. By purchasing Items directly from the owner, You avoid paying traditional middlemen markups and receive true private party values. We’ll help You understand the value You receive by showing You the same market data that we use to help Sellers price their Items. We want You to feel good about buying a great Item at a fair price.

Our standard 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program, the 63-Point-System-Check and the PDI (Pre-Delivery-Inspection), gives Buyer the peace of mind they need when buying a used Item online. If a Buyer decides to return an Item, Seller will be fully responsible for the shipping costs associated with the returning process.

When an Item is listed for sale, we compare the original Seller's description and pictures with the actual Item state and condition. We only allow photos of Items that are listed. As a Buyer, our 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program gives You the certainty that You will receive the Item You are paying for.


The process is FREE for Buyers. All fees associated with the transaction are Seller's responsibility and will be deducted from the sale price, at the end of the transaction. There are no hidden fees.


With Autos By Price, Items can be purchased for less than the asking price, if the Seller accepts Your offer. Offers must be made directly to the Seller and it is entirely up to the Seller to accept or decline Your offer. Autos By Price will not negotiate the price on Seller's behalf.

Autos By Price FOR SELLERS:


We offer a No-Sale-No-Charge approach to selling cars, boats, trailers, RVs and other vehicles. We take an up front fee of US $299.00, which covers the work we do to prepare and market Your Item for sale, including a thorough 63-Point-System-Check inspection, state safety inspection, basic interior and exterior cleaning, a vehicle history report, ad copy-writing, and various Internet listings. If Your Item needs a full detailed inspection, we can take care of that for You for an additional US $100.00 for sedans and US$120.00 for trucks and SUVs. Boats, RVs and other vehicles can cost considerably more, depending on the service needed. For an exact quote, please Contact Us.

After we successfully sell Your Item, we take a Success Fee directly from the sales proceeds. Our incentives are completely aligned: If we don’t sell it, we don’t get paid a success fee.

We find this gives online Sellers peace of mind their Item is safe while in our custody. It also makes us work harder!

Secondly our Sellers pay no marketing or administrative costs.


While waiting to be sold, we are proud to offer our customers a variety of Storage Solutions for their recreational vehicles, motorcycles, cars, trailers and personal watercraft. Our facilities are complete with many upgrades and conveniences to ensure Your Items is protected from the elements in a nearby and safe location, until it is shipped to the Buyer. We are here to provide safe solutions to make Your life easier.


Autos By Price takes on the time consuming challenge of selling Your Item on Your own, and offers a service that helps Sellers get more money for their Items without the traditional hassles and risk of transacting in the private market. When you list Your Item with Autos By Price, You will receive all of the features and benefits of a best-in-class dealership working on Your behalf to sell the Item quickly and professionally. Our team will educate You on market conditions, help You price the Item competitively, teach You to clean and prepare it for sale, will teach You to advertise it in order to present it effectively, will manage Buyer inquiries and test drives, and will provide You with continuous updates. Once You are matched with a Buyer, we will arrange any document processing on Your behalf.


To get started, we will need Your contact information (name, address, contact phone and eMail address), a copy of Your driving license, Item's current registration, proof of insurance, title (or lienholder information, if applicable), any available service records (if available). More requirements will apply when the Item is picked up.
Our goal is to get You the highest possible price for what you sell! Our aim is to present Your Item in the best possible way in our listings. Here are some tips:


Original manuals, instructions, receipts, appraisals, accessories, etc., anything at all that you still have, that came with the Item because it is almost always helpful in bringing up the final price. Before you sell Your Item with us, take a few minutes to find all the related materials You can.


Most of the Items sold on eBay, Boattrader, Craigslist, Kijiji and Gumtree, are used, and Buyers expect them to have defects; but they must be disclosed in the listing! In fact, many Buyers are wary of purchasing “perfect” Items which are not new. If you are aware of any Item defects, please tell us at the time of Your registration. If you don't, the chances to have the Item not accepted by the Buyer are very high and You will automatically become responsible for any fees associated with the reversing of the shipping process.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Please wipe off a little dust or a few smudges, and take lots of pictures of Your Item for marketing purposes. Make sure to take exterior/interior shots of all corners and sides, try to show any defect or damage, as all Items sold through our sercvices are subject to the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. The best time from a lighting perspective to take pictures of Your Item is in the late afternoon.